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pet food manufacturing machine dry pet dog food making machine


pet food manufacturing machine dry pet dog food making machine

1.mix machine: the raw material corn flour, rice flour, soybean meal, meat powder, grain powder, additives, adding a certain proportion of water mix evenly.

2.feeding machine, screw conveyor, power of motor for the mixed raw material transport to feed hopper of the extruding machine, ensure feeding convenient and quick.

3.double screw extrusion machine: in high temperature and high pressure environment, the screw extrusion conditions, by adjusting the process different feed production, specific particle size and shape can change the mould.

4.conveyor: will feed into the oven.

5. multi-layer oven, oven for electric oven, the temperature between 0-200 degrees by controller adjust themselves, internal stainless steel double mesh bag, reduce feed grain moisture, promote the maturation rate, increase the shelf life.

6.flavor: injection machine spray oil, such as attractant, seasoning cylinder are octagonal cone, cylinder, increase single roller, double rollers flavor line, according to the nature of production, product configuration, the oil spraying on the surface of feed, and sprayed with minced meat and spices, and homogeneous.

7.cooling conveyor: lower the temperature of the Fried and feed, promote grease coagulation, reduce the particle temperature, easy to packing.

8.vibration sieve, sieve to spare out the material with the end of particles, ensure the quality at the same time, guarantee the raw material recycling.

9.packaging machine: manual sealing machine and automatic packing machine can be used.

application :

the pet food making machine is suitable for Aquatic product, poultry, livestock, pets, ornamental fish.

New model of dog food extruder
model SR-57 SR-65 SR-75 SR-95
main motor powerkw 22 30 75 110
rotary cutter powerkw 2.2 2.2 2.2 2.2
feeding power(kw) 2.2 2.2 2.2 2.2
oil pump power(kw) 0.75 0.75 0.75 0.75
heating power(kw) 14 14 14 14
capacity(kg/h) 250 300 800 2000
size(mm) 2300*1000*1800 2600*1000*1800 5000*1100*2200 5500*1100*2200

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